Lubes and Spares

Sweet Relation Group based in India is one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of high quality spare parts likes TVS-GIRLING, TATA GENUINE PARTS, FLEET GUARD FILTERS and Lubricants such as HP, Servo, Castrol etc. Our list of parts include major parts, like transmission gears and shafts, engine gears, differential bevel gears, steering shafts and steering gears, engine connecting rod, crankshafts, axle shafts and a range of other replacement parts for various tractor and automotive applications. Leading Tractor parts manufacturers and exporters in India Besides the extensive range of products that we produce and export. We are fully equipped for customized product development meeting high quality standards and at reasonable price.

Our Quality

We are suppliers of a wide range of high quality spare parts that are widely used in automobile industry such as tractors, trucks, car, buses etc. We have customer who is fully satisfied with their precision requirement and higher accuracy. Our Organization is also moving ahead with quality system organization of ISO 9001:9002 with a strong quality policy favoring the customer reliability and satisfaction with us.